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"Exceeding mediocrity by defining excellence "

You define excellent and we will deliver it!

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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About WORKSPACE

As we move into this new world it is important to appreciate that space and technology will be the essential enablers of an effective organization. 

When and where is less important than on purpose use of space to drive connection, collaboration and culture. In the same way that every employee is expected to be able to use the technology, they will be expected to be able use the space.


We Leverage our Knowledge of People to Deliver Real Estate Savings that Finance the Cool Spaces that we Build, with the Ultimate Aim "Effective Productivity"  

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Real Estate Optimisation

“Recognize office space as not just an amortized asset but as a strategic tool for growth.” 

~ Harvard Business Review

Most often, a carefully considered real estate strategy achieves not only rental and operational cost reductions, but also improved productivity and employee motivation due to workspace redesign.

A Case Study 

Do Nothing


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Cost R'mil


3 1/2 Years
156 Buildings exited

~R450million saved


Office relocations can be complex and fraught with potential risks. Will that critical system be up and running, are employees resisting the move, resulting in project delays and lowered motivation? Are all the people, furniture, build, design, technology, data and logistical factors well understood and managed?

REO’s team of relocation experts understand every detailed component of a successful office relocation

and will manage a successful move project from strategic mandate through to move day and beyond,

with no costly downtime.

80 010

People relocated


You should be operational day  



  • The CULTURE ambitions of the organization will drive the space design. For example, a culture that encourages inclusive participation and no hierarchies will encourage a workspace that is shared, with no restricted areas, and a variety of collaboration solutions that encourage movement and facilitate creativity and innovation.

  • OFFICE SPACE is likely to feel less like a traditional office – the design philosophy that we prescribe to is a ”little like work, a little like home and a little like a coffee shop."

  • Less desks, more options and FREEDOM OF CHOICE.  Employees must be free to choose where they want to work and even to a degree when they want to work. The focus must change from input-based productivity to output based.

  • The value proposition associated with the signing of long leases and buying expensive furniture (because it has a 10-year warrantee) will be re-evaluated and short-term FLEXIBLE options investigated.

Young People at a Workshop

Ways of work

People are generally productive, but are they always effective?

If we think about it, productivity should have less to do with the number of hours worked and more to do with how those hours should be used. 


A flaw in our system is ineffective management and ”busy – ness”. We need to focus on eliminating output for the sake of output. Pay more attention to strategic objectives and drive productivity to achieve this.


Identifying, defining and equitably contracting a common goal will go a long way towards creating a future forward organization

  • The Accountability Chain

  • On Purpose management

  • Results not output or input

  • Contracting a common goal

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