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"The obvious is only obvious to those that it is obvious to"


REO is an extraordinary group of people who are quite unlike average consultants. We celebrate the uniqueness of our team members and the value that each person adds by being the best version of themselves. We don’t hire by scrutinising CV’s – instead we actively seek out unique individuals for their enthusiasm, positivity, and “can-do” attitude, as well as their resilience and adaptability.


Our philosophy is one of matching individuals to tasks they both love and excel at. This means our consultants are not simply traditional change administrators, but rather, change catalysts, influencers, and enablers. We don’t just want to achieve the agreed minimum standard, we want to innovate and improve with every project.

Our Journey So Far

MESSY OFFICE_edited.jpg


REO is founded 

Re-location specialists


REO evolves out of a traditional change management company to focus on office re-locations. The only objective "Fully operational day one"

We have relocated over 85000 people across multiple clients all over South Africa -

"Fully operational day One"

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